About me

Stacey is 30 years old and lives in North Lincolnshire with her two young children, her husband, and a puppy; she is currently a stay at home Mum. She loves to be in the kitchen and you will often find her experimenting with different bakes and meals – her cupboards are stocked to the brim with cooking & baking equipment, and all kinds of gadgets! Stacey also loves to read and takes part in a lot of author promotion activity on social media. Fuelled by her love of reading, she also writes another blog reviewing books with a close friend, which you can find here, and she has also ventured into the world of writing fiction away from the blog. Since moving to the countryside she has become a keen gardener too!

Paul – The Husband
The Husband works full time but when he’s not at work you can find him tinkering with cars, playing video games or riding his bike. He occasionally likes to help Stacey out in the kitchen too, and he also likes to experiment (whilst Stacey panics). Most importantly you will find him having fun with his boys – he’s the fun parent!

Jacob is 4 years old. He is currently in his reception year at school. He loves to be outside, whether playing with dinosaurs in his sandpit, playing with boats at his water table, or bouncing on the trampoline! His favourite characters are Paw Patrol and Spiderman. Like his Mum, he is also a bookworm.

Noah is 2 years old. He spends his days at home with Stacey at the moment but will be starting pre-school after Easter. Like his brother he loves to be outside, especially playing with sand, and is always on the move. His favourite characters are Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig.

If you would like to work with us, you can find out how to contact us here.