Baking with cadbury creme eggs | #cremeegghuntingseason

One of my favourite things about Easter is Creme Eggs. Pretty much every time I go to the shop, I must buy at least one. I’ve decided that this year I’m going to stock up before they disappear from the shelves again! After all, #CremeEggHuntingSeason isn’t around for long, and they will be soon be hard to find…

It was only last year that I discovered baking with them, with these Scotch Brownie Creme Eggs. This year, I was armed with the task of recreating some different Creme Egg recipes and sharing them with my readers. I never realised all of the different things you could do with Creme Eggs!

So what recipes did I try?

First up was these Grilled banana boats with pecans, marshmallow and a gooey Cadbury Creme Egg ganache.

I love ganache and have featured it in a few of my recipes before, so I was really excited by the addition of Creme Eggs. I wasn’t totally ready for just how good it would taste though! When served with the rest of this recipe, it was absolutely a-ma-zing. One of those foods that made me make sure everyone knew just how good it was… (giggles).

They were  really easy to make; I did them in the oven, but I think they would be even better on an Easter barbecue (if the British weather shapes up, of course!). I must admit that it was quite sickly – though delicious, and Noah had seconds!

The second recipe was these Mini s’more brownie cupcakes with Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Who doesn’t love a brownie? I’m sure there is someone out there, but not in this house. We were all very eager to try these. Topped with marshmallow fluff (which we may or may not have eaten from the jar too), and then Creme Eggs… Oh. My. Word.

They were really soft and gooey, though I did find the marshmallow hardened up when cooling; so the Creme Eggs wouldn’t stay on when topping with them. Other than that, they were really easy to bake and the boys joined in with these too.

You can share your finds and bakes across social media using the #CremeEggHuntingSeason hashtag!

Have you enjoyed #CremeEggHuntingSeason?